Bettercare provides tools that enable institutional nursing homes to transform into warm and pleasant households.  Bettercare’s services include: feasibility analysis  full design and development,  consultation and training to transform the organization’s culture, structure, and operations 

BetterCare aims that frail elders in nursing homes will enjoy all that home offers, direct their own lives, experience daily pleasures and continue to live with meaning and purpose 

The values we promote : 

Home – Creating a real home for our residents through structure and culture

Autonomy – Maintaining a flexible daily schedule and encuoraging choice in every aspect of live possible- when to get up in the morning and when to go to bed, when and what to eat, what activities to be engaged in, and how lead one own’s life.

Pleasure – The little things that make life enjoyable like good food, good music, a good story, pleasent surranudings, alongside the specifc things that each resident values

Meaningful Relationships – creating an environmet that enhances  meaningfull relationships between residnents and staff memembers, between residents and families and between the residents themselves

Meaningful life – through meaningful activities, caring for animals, plants or children, belonging to a community, having a voice and contributing to the staff, environment and other residents

 Privacy –  by creating distinct personal areas in shared living rooms , by private residential spaces and by staff education



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